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What we do / Technology Transfer Center 4.0

Technology Transfer Center 4.0

CRSL was one of the first Technology Transfer Centers - 4.0 CTT certified by Unioncamere according to the MISE directorial decree 22/12/2017.

As 4.0 CTT, CRSL has developed a series of new technologies to be transferred as part of the subsidies on innovative assets; this is an extension of the activities of CRSL, which aims to implement some services related to the issues of the 8 Departments, in terms of innovation, process quality, safety, environment and energy.

The National Industry 4.0 Plan provides that investments in new capital goods for business operations (formerly hyper-depreciation) made in economy (expenses incurred to build the asset internally) and included in the Annex A of the law n.232 of 11 December 2016, namely:

  • Machines (mechanical systems interfaced by software to the factory information system, such as robots, etc.);
  • Systems (consisting of software integrated in a machine);
  • Devices (systems for man-machine interaction and for the improvement of ergonomics and safety in logic 4.0).

CRSL - as 4.0 CTT - provides companies with the necessary technology transfer to allow them to develop and test their assets economically.

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TT4.0 Technologies


It is the latest technology developed by CRSL. It allows you to measure the degrees of innovation with regard to business processes at the same time, according to three fundamental and highly topical macro-trends: ecological transition, technological innovation and Industry 4.0, but not only.
There are three variations of INNOPEOPLE, designed according to the size of the company: START (for smaller companies), PLUS (for medium-sized companies), PRO (for large companies).

Download the document (italian language)


SAFETY 4.0 offers to workers and companies an advanced prevention technology for workplace safety. It is divided into three technological elements to meet different needs of security services based on a series of wearable devices, with the dual purpose of protecting the worker and facilitating the employer in supervising: SAFETY IN, ON and OUT.

Download the video (italian language)


AUDIT 4.0 allows to create an in-process monitoring system to evaluate, ensure and track the quality of products and production processes and provides companies with the technology transfer necessary to develop, finalize and test goods in economy capable of analyzing and displaying:

  • Business process indicators (KPI)
  • The results of internal and external surveys
  • The data useful for the determination of business decisions (decision making)