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CRSL digital hub


A team of highly qualified professionals is the winning weapon of CRSL digital hub, an innovative development hub capable of supporting companies in projects involving the latest technologies, such as big data applications, cloud tools, machine learning systems and artificial intelligence, Blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, but also in traditional projects, such as stand alone software, web applications, management and customized tools, e-commerce and mobile applications.


The mission of the new CRSL Digital Hub is to develop digitized software and processes for companies and start-ups, with a tailor made approach, through:

  • implementation of innovative software, tailor-made products for reference companies
  • expert advice from sectoral professionals, both for new activities (feasibility studies, state-of-the-art analysis, prototype design, etc.), and for those already underway (with coordination or support activities for teams already at work)
  • analysis and possible upgrade of existing software
  • IT training, both in a classical and 4.0 key

CRSL Digital hub

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CRSL digital hub supports customers in their IT and technological efficiency path. Each project is implemented on the specific needs of the customer: the range of services that can be operated goes from the most common ones for the market - such as web applications, smartphone applications, stand alone software, utility tools, customized management, e-commerce and so on - up to to the most innovative ones, such as cloud tools, machine learning and artificial intelligence, blockchain and IoT solutions, big data, augmented and virtual reality.


Digitizing means improving the efficiency of business processes, reducing the probability of human and calculation errors, improving the semantics of data and information, as well as expanding the scenario of analytical and predictive possibilities in time. CRSL digital hub implements this process through:

  • consultancy and requirements analysis (drafting of documentation), also aimed at verifying the copyright applicability of existing software
  • implementation of web applications: e-commerce, management, CRM, LMS, software to support any specific need
  • mobile application: applications for smartphones, tablets, wearables, etc.
  • innovative applications: blockchain applications, IoT, business intelligence, big data, machine learning, virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, etc.
  • system integration: development of interfaces (interconnection) between different software systems and between software and machines
  • managed hosting: to guarantee cloud infrastructures for implemented projects and reduce project interlocutors towards the end customer


The activities of CRSL digital hub are always carried out with a conscious vision of all the financial benefits available to companies, which are identified and proposed in the early stages of projects or in the evaluation phase of any existing software. CRSL digital hub helps companies to access the tax benefits of the Industry 4.0 and Patent Box measures through:

  • development of innovative software and digitized processes
  • analysis and upgrade of existing systems to make them consistent with the measures
  • copyright registration

Our digital hub is the ideal project partner to support companies in the innovation process, creating each project from scratch with the correct connotation or simply through specialized IT consultancy, analysis and system integration, always through an aware vision of the financial benefits available in this area.