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Hub / CRSL hub - Campione d'Italia

CRSL start hub - Incubator

CRSL hub is a start-up incubator, an innovative hub of the Center, located in Campione d’Italia.
Campione d'Italia is experiencing a great phase of relaunch thanks also to the relief measures introduced to incentivize economic activities carried out in the area, in terms of income tax reduction, tax credit for "initial investments" and income reduction taxable.
All the innovative start-ups that become part of CRSL hub are guaranteed the tax incentives and the relevant concessions provided for by current legislation and intended for companies that decide to start their own business in the Municipality of Campione.

CRSL hub also guarantees:

  • operational support and work tools
  • technology transfer, enhancing the creation of intangible assets with high added value (patents, design, software and know-how)
  • training on enabling technologies of Industry 4.0
  • access to CRSL networking, through structured meetings with companies belonging to the Centre's network
  • operational headquarters

CRSL Digital hub

Do you want to know and get more information on the advantages of a hub in Campione?

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