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25 October 2021

CRSL Journalism Award mentioned on Fidest

Fidest - Press agency, news newspaper, mentions the second edition of the CRSL Journalism Award.


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20 October 2021

Business Intelligence Group mentions the CRSL Journalism Award

The second edition of the CRSL Journalism Award mentioned on Business Intelligence Group, an Innovative Start Up company.


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19 October 2021

On Milano Finanza the preview of "Safety 4.0"

Milano Finanza collects the double interview of Fabiano Rinaldi, CRSL President and MISE Innovation Manager and Sirio Cividino, CRSL Technical Scientific Director, who present the «Safety 4.0» Technology, created by the Center for a 4.0 Work Safety.


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19 July 2021

Overall vision and synergy of skills: this is the goal of the partnership between CRSL and Zucchetti

The synergy of CRSL and the Zucchetti Group aims to effectively use the measures of 4.0, which is why the combination of their respective technical and scientific skills aims to maximize the benefits of all the facilities provided for in the plan.


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22 June 2021

The incentives for the digital transition: CRSL interviewed by L’Industria della Gomma

The 4.0 National Transition Plan currently in force has introduced a series of innovations to the system of concessions which intend to encourage the adoption by Italian companies of digital technologies. Fabiano Rinaldi - President of the Board of Directors and Marco Colombo - Member of CRSL frame the issue for the benefit of managers and entrepreneurs of SMEs.

Source: L'industria Della Gomma

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21 June 2021

CRSL and Zucchetti combine solutions and skills to bring innovation to Italian companies

CRSL and Zucchetti Group work in synergy for an effective use of Industry 4.0 measures by combining their respective technical-scientific skills with the common goal of maximizing the benefits of all the facilities provided in the plan.


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3 June 2021

CRSL and Zucchetti to support companies in digital transformation

The first projects financed by the Industry 4.0 program come from the collaboration between CRSL and the Zucchetti Group: a synergy of roles and skills that allows companies to innovate their hardware and software fleet relying on an important tax recovery.

Sources: e

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28 May 2021

Investments in the ecological transition and digitalization of businesses in a Webinar organized by Anev with CRSL and Sea Tuscia

On 18 May the Anev - Associazione nazionale energia del vento, in collaboration with CRSL and Sea Tuscia, organized a webinar on the Industry 4.0 Plan which illustrated the opportunities for investments in the ecological transition and in the digitization of businesses to operators and companies in the renewable energy sector.


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26 March 2021

CRSL is on Milano Finanza with an interview with President Fabiano Rinaldi

CRSL in the news! In the Milano Finanza newspaper - within the Special "Professional Services Report" - we talk about us and our research, development and technology transfer activities to companies investing in innovation, giving life to that innovative heritage which - as our President Fabiano Rinaldi highlight in the article - CRSL, as a 4.0 Technology Transfer Center, is able to enhance by guaranteeing companies a double advantage: on the one hand, increasing their competitiveness on the market and on the other immediately freeing up economic and financial energy.

Source: Milano Finanza

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19 February 2021

CRSL partner of LIUC in a webinar on Patent Box and Tax credit

The event "Enhancing Intangible Assets - Patent Box and Tax credit", born from the partnership between LIUC Business School and CRSL - Centro Ricerche e Studi dei Laghi and scheduled for Thursday 25 February, intends to illustrate the new incentive measures for companies and give a voice to the entrepreneurs who are benefiting from these measures.


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12 January 2021

CRSL presents with its experts in the teaching staff of the ITS of Olbia-Tempio

Tourism courses were inaugurated at the ITS (Higher Technical Institute) of Olbia-Tempio on December 30th. This is an excellent opportunity for Gallura students, who will be supervised by a highly qualified teaching staff with diversified skills, including CRSL professionals.


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10 November 2020


And the winner is Fabrizio Onida, with the Jury's special mention awarded to Carlo Bagnoli.


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4 May 2020

With a free CRSL webinar explaining Training 4.0

During the ReStart webinar in Green Forum, promoted by RemTech Expo and Camera Forense Ambientale, the link between work, environment and health was discussed. Fabio Maria Bonasegale, CRSLaghi's tax credit expert, clarified how companies can benefit from incentives from an economic point of view, including as a tool to help navigate the crisis caused by the current health emergency.

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30 March 2020

Free webinar: CRSLaghi explaining Training 4.0

BitMAT developed, in partnership with CRSLaghi, a free webinar to explain the advantages of Tax Credit and Training 4.0 and their importance as a tool to help navigate the crisis due to the ongoing health emergency.

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30 March 2020

A webinar to explain Training 4.0

In partnership with CRSLaghi, BitMAT has developed a free webinar to explain the advantages of Tax Credit and Training 4.0, which can be thought of as valuable tools to help tackle the crisis caused by the ongoing health emergency.

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20 February 2020

A course for employment consultants in preparation for the state exam

The Director of the Department of Legal Sciences of CRSLaghi is one of the teachers of the course reserved for employment consultants who will take the State exam in 2020, promoted by the National Association of Employment Consultants Up of Brescia, under the patronage of the Order of Employment Consultants.

Source: Brescia newspaper
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14 January 2020

A tool for measuring emotional intelligence

Collaboration between Interago Academy and CRSLaghi has led to the creation of a free tool to measure your emotional intelligence online.

Source: Dire Oggi
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