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School 4.0 / Blockchain Registry

Blockchain Degree Registry

The blockchain is a kind of internet of transactions that is based on four fundamental concepts: decentralisation, transparency, security and immutability. Starting from these four concepts, the blockchain has become the digital expression of a new idea of trust: for these reasons the blockchain takes on the role of a platform able to guarantee everyone the possibility to verify, control and enjoy complete transparency on the acts and decisions that are recorded in unchangeable and shared archives with the characteristic of being unalterable, unmodifiable and therefore immune from corruption.
The blockchain has often been associated with a concept of digital currency and digital payment, of virtual currency, therefore, which is either alternative or complementary. In fact, the blockchain has great value as a platform for managing transactions and exchanging information and data, even in sectors that are completely different and far removed from the financial sector.

The CRSL Master's Degrees are archived in the blockchain Degree registry, which guarantees their security, integrity, resilience and availability.

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