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School 4.0

School 4.0

In line with its mission to be an interface between business and research and to become a reference point for companies, since its foundation CRSL has dedicated many resources to the National Industry Plan 4.0, the set of measures aimed at supporting companies that want to become competitive through the digitisation of production processes, the enhancement of workers' productivity and the training of appropriate skills for the development of new products and processes.

There are many different elements that make CRSL a School 4.0 of excellence: the prestigious MISE certification as Technology 4.0 Transfer Centre, the 10 experts accredited as Innovation Manager, specialised professionals available to SMEs to support them in projects of technological and digital transformation in an Enterprise 4.0 perspective, the multitude of Research projects carried out in support of enterprises, the creation of an Observatory to research new areas of internal investigation and to focus on the most innovative and stimulating themes for the business world to be explored and developed with ad hoc workshops.

A preliminary contribution of School 4.0 is a video on the Training 4.0 measure, provided for by the Budget Law 2020, which provides important tax credit benefits related to training activities (cost of staff involved and teachers) concerning Technologies 4.0, both informative content (for staff without specialist technical training) and specialist content (for technical staff).
The video has been taken from the recording of a CRSL webinar and is presented by Dr Marco Colombo, legal advisor and Dr Stefano Iannell, Associate Technical-Scientific Coordinator and Researcher at DITEC Department of Computer Science and Technology.
You can download the video from the CRSL Video section (link to the italian CRSL website).